BoardUp®: The World's First Self-Folding Longboard

The most successfully campaign on Kickstarter that we were a part.

Project Details

Client: BoardUp

Date: 2016

Online: goo.gl/isZJ71

BoardUp® is the fully-funded foldable longboard that fits in your backpack, holds up to 400 pounds, doesn't fold up while riding, and pops up with a kick of the nose.
When it comes to riding, keeping that familiar feel is important to us. More than that, having a longboard made with quality materials creates a feeling of security when bombing down neighborhood hills and cruising on the streets.

Raised over $59,000

BoardUp successfully raised 4x more than was planned. They've raised over $59,000 dollars for a short period of time. The key of this campaign was the modern and simple video that showcases the product in their best part.

Featured On

BoardUp been a very successfully campaign on Kickstarer. It's been featured on Kickstarter, Launching Next, Beta Page, Gadget Flow and etc.

1. Case study

We produced this video from scratch. We worked very closely with the client to make sure we're on the same page. Our team began to craft a storyboard with a concept.

2. Result

We're happy with result that came out. Our client was very happy about the video and the main thing that they over reached their goal on Kickstarter campaign.

3. Experience

We had one day shooting, where we had four different locations. It was challenging because the parking spots are very limited in San Francisco, so we had to be quick in transportation.